Yogurt Filling Lines FRV

Key Features FRV (patented)

  • Special geometry cup forming (e.g. vase shape, thread forming etc.)
  • Large savings on the packaging materials
  • Separation between the base and lidding materials for recycling purposes
  • Fully automatic operation based on servomotors
  • Ultra Clean version (optional)
  • High end peripherals and additional equipment
  • In Mould Labelling system can be also applied in FRV machines in order to have superior decoration of the cups with minimum cost.

The FRV is designed to provide packaging solutions that are impossible to be produced by traditional Form Fill Seal lines. The packaging solutions include special shaped cups like jars, cups with a formed thread for a twist off cap application and generally any cup shape that involves undercuts (See more examples below).

The FRV is utilizing PVC, PET, PS, Polypropylene and other multilayer materials. Any lid material can be used as long as it is compatible with the base material of choice.

The available peripherals for all FRS series are the following : casepacker, cip feeder, corrective positioning system and butter extruder.


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