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Chocolate Lines

Chocolate & Compound Production Lines-Royal Duyvis Wiener

Royal Duyvis Wiener     equipment has reached a high standard in the cocoa – and chocolate industry. Designed and manufactured to fulfil the current global industrial demands. The superior chocolate processing lines from Royal Duyvis Wiener are the complete and innovative answer for turnkey chocolate processing.

The ultimate way to make an excellent real quality chocolate is to use the Royal Duyvis Wiener systems. Offering a proven technology in producing any kind of chocolate using a unique method: which is simple, quick, and efficient. Royal Duyvis Wiener and F.B. Lehmann turn-key equipment is easy to operate and maintain.


  1. Chocolate Production lines   Royal Duyvis Wiener  offers  two base programmes fro Chocolate production.
    • Traditional based on 5Roll technology
    • Modern based on  Ball mills technology
  2.  Compound Production lines.  Royal Duyvis Wiener offers a complete range of  compound production  programmes by covering the most demanding production needs.
    • Based on  Ball mills technology

Excellent and consistent product quality

Our chocolate processing lines guarantee excellent and consistent high quality products, flexible production, and a fast payback time. The Q-CHOC principle is the ideal, compact in-house system for the continuous processing of chocolate masses, compounds, coatings, bread spreads and an endless variety of fillings.

Fully automatic operation

The entire unit works fully automatically and the process flow of the relevant process information can be stored and viewed on the display. The ball mill’s special design ensures a low product temperature.

The Choc continuous process lines

All ingredients (cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, sugar, lecithin, etc.) are fed automatically into the weighing/pre-mixer vessel. This mixer is designed with maximum accessibility and easy feeding. After accurate weighing by load cells, the ingredients are fed into the upper vessel and then dumped into the holding vessel. The specially designed agitators start mixing immediately. Once the batch has been homogenously mixed, it is fed into the lower vessel where an additional cycle of intensive mixing takes place. Meanwhile, the pre-mixer above can be filled for the next batch.

Choc-425 / Choc-600 / Choc-750

Designed to meet worldwide demand for exceptional chocolate production machinery, Royal Duyvis Wiener equipment enjoys a reputation as some of the best in the industry. Excellent examples of the high specifications, versatility and productivity of our chocolate production machinery can be seen in the Wiener Choc-425, Wiener Choc-600 and Wiener Choc-750.

Choc 1250-1500

In the cocoa and chocolate industry Royal Duyvis Wiener’ ball mills are recognised as being the best around. Global industrial demands have been taken into account in its design and manufacture.

The Choc-1250 and Choc-1500 are just two of such machines that we offer with convenient and economical solutions for the continuous refining of compounds, coatings, fillings, and spreads.

Conventional labour-intensive production methods have been replaced by the introduction of the versatile Choc-1250 and Choc-1500 machines. A Royal Duyvis Wiener ball mill is perfect for making cacao products with its integrated system of pre-mixer and ball-mill refiner. These are used specifically for intermediate and/or fine grinding. If required include our conching equipment.

Maximum efficiency and adjustable to every taste: Liquid Conching

Royal Duyvis Wiener’ ball mills have proven their efficiency over past decades and can be used for the production of chocolate with any required fineness, batch-wise (Q-choc batch) or in continuous lines. After the chocolate has reached the required fineness, the desired flavour has to be achieved. Royal Duyvis Wiener’ invention The Batch Liquid Conch (BLC), and The Continuous Liquid Conch (CLC) have been designed for one of the most important functions in the chocolate production process. The combination of a shear stress device, and an efficient film evaporator in which hot, dry air and chocolate are brought together, results in the extraction of moisture, volatile amino acids and off-flavors from the mixture.

The Liquid Conch is specially designed for viscosity improvement, yield improvement, dehumidifying, treating, and degasifying. The Batch Liquid Conch (BLC) is mounted on the circulation tank in Batch-wise production lines. The Continuous Liquid Conch (CLC) is integrated in the continuous processing lines as a standalone unit.



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