Real time update of your warehouse, with handheald or weighing terminals, through TracePro

Process all your operating circuits in your warehouse (receipts, picking, storage areas etc.) with handheld or weighing terminals. Through TracePro-WMS (Warehouse Management System) you can update wirelessly, in real time any ERP

TracePro-WMS is appropriate for every company, commercial or production, which uses a warehouse. The application is divided into sections (modules), thus it can meet the needs of any warehouse, big, medium or large.

TracePro-WMS includes all the required modules for the proper functioning of your warehouse. Inbound (receipts), delivery management, picking, inventory control and scheduling, internal movements, warehouse management, deposition, positions with properties etc. The WMS application exchanges data with handheld terminals, by taking advantage the barcode technology, but also with scales and weighbridges. And of course, is perfectly compatible with RFID equipment and any kind of automation.


  • Annihilation of errors at the delivery of your products
  • Increase of the efficiency of workers in the storage/distribution
  • Faster procedures with no errors
  • Better use of your storage area
  • Annihilation of losing orders due to deficiencies (correct production planning, proper inventory control, streamline replenishment)
  • Reduction of returns (better product management – FIFO – FEFO)
  • Reduction in committed capital (lower inventories – dead stock)
  • Ensure TRACEABILITY at all stages of the supply chain

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