Solid Silos

Industrial Engeneering  

Acmon Systems offers complete storage solutions for every type of liquid or solid. To meet the storage requirements for all different materials, our company designs, manufactures and installs a wide variety of silo (for internal or external space), tanks, containers, etc. Big variety of constructions made of ST37 epoxy painted, stainless steel (AISI 304, 316L), aluminum, meeting the various simple or complex (resistance to pressure or vacuum) applications.

Usually, the silo is completely welded, built on a piece carried from our factory to the installation location and offered in different sizes and diameters (standard or not). If required can be built in sections (sectionalized) and our experienced staff to complete the installation on site.

All silos are installed with protective railings, stairs and connecting with each other with footpaths where appropriate.

Insulated Silo

With stonewool and aluminium foil coating, available also with humidification control systems where appropriate.

Weighted tanks

Also available on weighing cells connected with digital displays or electronic weighing controllers if required continuous monitoring of weight or dosing of material

Indoor Silo

Rectangular or cylinder shape can be built in small dimensions so that they can pass through small entrances.

Flat Bottom Silo

These silos must be constructed on a flat slab. The standard design is for a central and gravity emptying. They are designed to store any kind of dry and easy flowing cereals (wheat, maize, barley, rye, soya beans, field peas, rice, sunflower, rape seeds…).

Farm Silo

These silos are designed to be economic for the farmers but according to the norm NFP22-630.

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