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Bakery & Confectionary

Sandwich Biscuit Equipment

Food Processing Equipment  FPE  specialised in Sandwich Biscuit 

FPE  is a privately owned company based in Parma, in the heart of the Italian food valley where a number of companies are traditionally involved in food processing and technology thereof.

Since its establishmente FPE consistently aimed to design and manufacture state of the art equipment benefiting from the long experience achieved by its highly qualified management and staff

Available Packaging programs 


 Infeed of products to sandwiching machines or directly to packaging

Systems designed to handle dry biscuits, crackers or sandwiched biscuits:

 On edge

 Flat

 In piles

Complete automation of feeding, conveying and portion making for dry or sandwiched biscuits by volumetric, counter or piston feeders

Semi or fully automatic handling systems to eliminate labour costs or increase output rate of a new or existing system

Our systems enable simultaneous handling and portion making of different types of products and packages on the same line, so you will be able to differentiate your production with one single system

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