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Food Industrial Equipment

In Mould Packaging Lines with CIP-ALPHA MACHINE

Alfa Machine is orientated right from the start towards the development of new ideas and innovative solutions on packaging. The size and the organizational structure of the company allow maximum flexibility in the design, decision making and implementation processes.

Thus, new ideas and production methods are quickly examined, exploring all possibilities for alternative solutions.

Every internal project is thoroughly researched before it is accepted for production is specialise

The Alpha Machine manufactures packaging machines for the following sectors:

  1. Dairy: Yogurts & Creams
  2. Spreads: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Tahina, Nuts
  3. Marmalades & Jam
  4. Fruit fillings
  5. Honey & Butter
  6. Drinks & Juices 

There two categories of packaging machines

  1. Thermoforming starting from film role: PVC, PET etc
  2. Preformed Cups: Plastic, IML, Glass, Sleave


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