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Food Industrial Equipment


CAKECONCEPT    combines  new technologies with local demands generates the ideas and innovations.

The main available machine are: 

1. Manju Fun-Cake 

2. Sandwich pancake

3. Fun Cakes

4. Industrial sandwich pancake 


Fun cake  Artisanal 

This stand alone machine has a capacity of 330 pcs/hr depending on the recipe. In the standard configuration it is gas heated but it can be electrically heated as well (= option).

Machine can be operated by one worker. Operation is as follows:

– Automatic dough depositing

– Automatic filling depositing

– Automatic mould closing and turning

– Baking

– Automatic mould opening

– Depanning and mould cleaning by hand


Due to the closed mould baking technology the funcake concept is offering following advantages over the LU/Mondelez bear shaped product (also known as Brumik/Barni/Ourson):


– Far better visual aspects (see attached pictures)

– Possible to put more filling inside since filling is applied before baking vs. filling injection after baking


– Filling can be shaped following the shape of the character


– Can not be made on a regular cake line therefore not easy to copy (as you know there are many copies available of the LU product)

Can you see possibilities for this type of equipment in your area. Available with capacities up to 10.800 pcs/hr.


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