Dosing Systems & Recipe Management

Automatic Dosing Systems, Raw Materials & Recipe Managment

Having an Automatic Management System for the dosing of micro ingredients, we can achieve excellent results in production. The following basic parameters of such a system, strengths the above statement.

  • Stability in terms of quality and quantity of each batch having no human mistake.
  • High weighing accuracy
  • Records for each weighing
  • Stability of the final product
  • Cleaning less of the space
  • Labour cost reduction

Our design based on the tailor made solutions for the specific raw materials and the needed capacity. Actually, depending on the raw materials consumption that your factory needs, we design each micro dosers’ capacity i.e.1m3, 0.5m3, 50lt etc. Additionally, based on the natural characteristics of each material, different type of discharging chosen like vibrating cone, vibrating motor, agitator, fluidification system etc.

The operating principle of an automatic dosing system is to be connected in the existing pneumatic conveying system and by improving the existing automation, the system prepares automatically each micro ingredients’ batch and supplies the pneumatic conveying. Obviously, we can design a new pneumatic conveying system and an automation control only for the micro ingredients, if the existing situation give us this possibility.

Finally, depending on the natural characteristics of the ingredients and the hygiene needs of the production, we choose the building materials of the system to be in carbon steel ST37-2, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316 or any other material that may required.


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