Cocoa Grinders

As an expert in the manufacture of industrial stabilising and pulverising products for cocoa powder manufacturers, Royal Duyvis Wiener provides a wealth of scientific and technological expertise. Each product in our range meets or exceeds the global industry standard for cocoa and chocolate processing equipment.

Royal Duyvis Wiener is committed to continually improve both the form and function of our pulverising and stabilising range. As part of this commitment, our equipment has recently undergone numerous improvements.

Royal Duyvis Wiener has been involved in advanced research that has lasted three years. This intensive research has resulted in a vastly improved and extremely stable pulverising process and vastly improved crystallisation speed.

The improved low retention time ensures that agglomerates are prevented from forming in cocoa or chocolate powders, after these products are packaged.

Our pulverising and stabilising equipment offers very low product retention capability which is suited to cocoa powder manufacturers who frequently change from one product to another.

Understanding the Crystallisation Process

One of the major problems inherent during cocoa bean grinding is the formation of inappropriate crystals. This results in an inferior cocoa product and can lead to financial losses for cocoa powder manufacturers. Undesirable crystals form after grinding, during dual buffer and cooling phases.

These cooling phases allow excess heat to be released while seed crystals form. When cocoa butter solidifies too quickly or at incorrect temperatures, unstable crystals can form. This formation of undesirable crystals often occurs in packaged cocoa, with a poor quality cocoa product as a result. Effective pulverising and stabilising equipment prevents the formation of these unstable crystals.

Our Improved Crystallisation Process 

Our new crystallisation process prevents the formation of unstable crystals by employing lowered temperatures. Crystallisation now occurs at temperatures of 21ºC – 23°C. At these optimal temperature ranges the correct growth time of crystals is supported and the formation of unstable crystals is prevented.

Additional Cooling Procedures

Our pulverising and stabilising range, now offers a guaranteed temperature control with the inclusion of a third cooling phase. This phase uses cold air to extract excess heat. Controlled buffering is provided by state-of-the-art silos, which mean desirable temperatures are maintained throughout the grinding procedure.

The resultant product is a deep, vivid cocoa colour which is essential for cocoa powder manufacturers who wish to maintain a high quality product.

High Fat Cocoa Cake

The enhanced cooling capability of our range allows for the pulverisation of high fat cocoa cake at temperatures which produce an excellent quality product.

Benefits for Cocoa Powder Manufacturers:

  • An improved crystallisation process prevents the formation of undesirable crystals once packaged.
  • Silos are maintained and buffered at the appropriate temperatures to preserve cocoa quality.
  • Two additional cooling phases help release latent heat.
  • Cocoa powder grain can be adjusted to different levels of fineness.
  • High fat cocoa cake can be ground.
  • Deep, vividly coloured cocoa powder is produced.
  • Low retention time supports multiple product change.

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