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Artisanal Equipment

Artisanal Chocolate Forming Machines-Prefamac

Automatic Artisanal Tempering Machine 


In comparison with the manual moulding machine, this machine will temper the chocolate automatic.
Content 30 kg and content 60 kg is available.
Especially for filling and vibrating chocolate moulds: manual, via optional dosing system of via option scraper.
Can be combined with an enrober belt for enrobed pralines, truffles or cookies


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Frame on castors.
  • Cut-away at the front of the frame, for ergonomic foot-control.
  • Chocolate will be moved and cooled in the machine via stainless steel spindle in double jacket stainless steel housing.
  • Standard vibration table with separate motor.
  • Content tray (excl. piping): 30kg or 60kg
  • Heating carpet around the chocolate tray, the outlet underneath the chocolate tray, de underside of the spindle housing and the distribution pipe above.
  • Heating controlled via digital thermostat and with three extra security thermostats.
  • Cooling via hermetic cooling group.
  • Separate motor for steering mechanism and spindle.
  • Equipment protected by built-in motor protection.
  • Electrical controls at the inner side of the machine grouped an a central panel with hinges.
  • Operation Continua completely integrated in PLC control (monochrome or colours).


400V 3ph +0 50Hz for Continua 30 and Continua 60.
For 60Hz-countries it’s optionally 400V 3ph +0 60Hz.


  • Dosing system for moulds (Quickfill 3×7 or 3×8)
  • Enrober belt 18/28cm with paper take-off section
  • Enrober belt 18/28cm with truffle extension and truffle table
  • Pneumatic scraper
  • The enrober belt and scraper are the same as on the moulding machine, only the distribution tray and pipe are different


Unpacked: length: 940 mm (if vibration table is mounted), width: 730 mm (emergency stop inclusive), height: 1450 mm; weight 220 kg
Packed: length: 1020 mm (if vibration table is mounted), width: 850 mm (emergency stop inclusive), height: 1680 mm; weight 250 kg

Unpacked: length: 1140 mm (if vibration table is mounted), width: 870 mm (emergency stop inclusive), height: 1460 mm; weight 285 kg
Packed: length: 1200 mm (if vibration table is mounted), width: 970 mm (emergency stop inclusive), height: 1600 mm; weight 350 kg

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