Bakery Yeast – ZANAE

ZANAE   is one of the leading fresh bakery yeast producer in Balkan area.

The high level technological process provides stability and maximum efficience  . The yeast can better contribute to the kneading process of dough, high in sugar content and fats and remains active following the freezing and defrosting process without losing its kneading properties. It is recommended for frozen dough containing more than 10% of sugar and fat.

Use: Bread, Cozonac, brioche, croissant etc

Available products 

  1. Fresh bakery yeast. Packing:  Cardboard Box 20×0,5kg= 10kg
  2. Fresh confectionary  yeast.  Packing:  Cardboard Box 20×0,5kg= 10kg
  3. Liquid yeast. Packing:  Tank container.


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