Automation – monitoring

The competitive advantages using ACMON Systems as a partner for the automation of your factory can be summarised in:

We guaranty the quick and uninterruptable technical support of the systems we provide through the Remote Support service that we accompany to our solutions.

We fully understand the worry of each one for the immediate technical support that he needs, but for us is an “every day business” since we already support hundrents of customers like NEOSET in Greece, SILVADEC in France, MEPTICO in Lebanon, FLOUR MILLS OF NIGERIA in Nigeria and many others all around the world.

We consider that an automation system well designed is quite rare to fail but even in that case we are able to remote control your system and do the trouble shooting immediately (if special circumstances allow us).

Take into account that each factory needs mechanical equipment for the bulk handling (like silo, silo equipment, micro ingredients dosing, filters, milling, big-bag filling/discharging, mixer etc) as well as the replacement/upgrade of the automation system we are the right person to supply both parts of the equipment in order to cover all your needs. In that case it is preferable to have one source responsibility and common project management.

In each project we take into consideration many parameters for the safe and secure execution of the project. Some of them are :

  • Design tailor made solutions according to each customer’s special needs.
  • Flexible design in order to be adupted in production process changes.
  • Design to cover future changes
  • Maximisation of the production process.

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